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  Etomology of The Empanada  

The “empanada” is a type of turnover pastry that originated from the Spanish and Portuguese cultures. The word and the food alike was introduced to the English in the 1920's from

Galicia, Spain where it's believed to be the birth place of this dish.


The word “Empanada” is the past-participle adjective (fem.) of the word “Empanar” which means to roll in pastry.


The prefix “em” comes from Latin which means to cover or engulf. And the suffix “pa” comes from the Indo-Europeans which means to feed. Combined they became the basis for the words “Pan“ or “Panis“ that translates to bread. 


Hence the empanada is made by folding dough or bread into a patty formed around a filling. The sweet or savory fillings can consist of a variety of meats, vegetables and even fruits.


Our “YourPanadas” are not just any ole empanadas, we took the “M” + “E” out and made them…..

Your – Panadas!





To cook Good Food
For Good People

From NYC to LV  !





We carter any event size with more than just empanadas. Serving appetizers and full entrees such as Caribbean favorites: Trinidadian style Stew Chicken and Roti, Cuban Style Ropa Vieja and Puerto Rican Style Arroz con Pollo we offer a full taste of Caribbean. For tasty food, outstanding service and incredible experiences. please contact Jinelle Batista below.......


Made From Caribbean Roots

An American-Latin-Caribbean Fusion of Flavors

Our food is much more than just something that fills your belly. It's an experience that brings people from all walks of life together to share in our love for food.

Our dishes bring familiar flavors from around the world mixed with a Latin twist together in perfect harmony.


Much like our goal of bringing people from different backgrounds together in a time of such division.

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